How do I test the updates on my app?

I have been working on my App and I want to test the updates that I have added. Features like buttons sending the user to different screens.
My issue is every time I click on the companion it never seems to load. Also if I use the downloadable version of the app I am working on it doesn’t seem to update on the screen always showing the same version from the first initial update.

My question is how do I test the updates that I have for my app on my phone?

The best way in my opinion is the companion app. It’s real-time updating whenever you edit. About the problem with connecting, make sure you don’t spam on the connect button when you insert the code or scan the QR code because it takes a bit of time to connect you to the app and that was my only issue with the companion when it wasn’t connecting me. When I scanned the QR code I also clicked on the connect button so it didn’t work. Also, make sure you reset the connection after every time you use the companion (you can do that in the app editor). Good luck!

I’m getting an error message. I followed your directions

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Make sure to always use latest companion App Center

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Cause of the problem would be, may be, You may have deleted the extension while companion connected

Disconnect the companion and restart the creator and once again get connected the app, you won’t see such error again if it were latest version

thank you this was helpful

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