How do I update my app in api 33

Hello friends can you help me

after aug 31 all my 7 new apps should target API 33
But can I update my app

mit app inventor when will send the new update of API 33

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Taifan, okay we will hold our apps till the nxt deadline (1st nov, 2023) as per the instructions of recent threads.
But plz tell me aint there will be any chances of availability of api lvl 33 within the deadline duration from kodular platfrom?
Wanted to know that whether we should wait for the announcement or find alternative ways to upgrade api level. Need ur earliest responce as Kodular is our first choice till now and there will no more further extensions allowed by google play platform!

The latest statement from Kodular was here


Respected Taifan, I will as always!

Dear Taifun, any announcement out there for api lvl 33?

if any, plz do let me know as I’m so curious about the deadline!

Searched few threads & got my answer !

A big thank to TAIFUN for keeping us feeling proud all of the time!

Fan of u dear !