How do you use the countdown timer?

I have tried to make a countdown timer block and time function, here I want to make a statement when the time is up then the game is finished and shows the notification game over but apparently nothing has changed when the time is up.

Or does anyone want to help me to use countdown with logic if the time is over then the game is over?

Is there something wrong with my block?

Is this an extension you are using?

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I use this extension com.LukeGackle.countdown.aix (11.2 KB)

Was happens if you change or set a label onfinish, like in the sample?

Never used it myself.

I have tested this example in the example it works well, but in the application that I developed I need a different logic to the example … in the example when the time stopped just shows the text, what I want is an action when the time is finished it will show a notification custom

Maybe you have to add a block into the .OnFinish, that the timer should not Tick any longer.

with the implemented clock you have to “set clock1.timer enabled=false”

I never used this extension. What I would do is that:

I used Clock component and disabled the:
Timer Always Fires
Timer Enabled

I set the Timer Interval to 10000ms

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Hello @Boy_Gembel,
I have used Count Down Extension and I think you are using blocks correctly.
Does your app showing any type of error message ?

yes there is an error that occurs, namely the stop time at second 2. and nothing happened after that, and the game that I developed can still be played …

may I ask for your help, to solve my problem …

i don’t use clock i use extension

Your advice seems like I will try if the method I use still does not find a solution
thanks …

try this: testCountdown.aia (13.2 KB)

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Okay I’ll try :smiley:
thanks …

I know this but I wants to tell you that label text didn’t change if countdown remaining time is equal or less than 2 seconds but countdown works after time completed.

what you’re saying is true, but the problem is why when the time is over don’t call the notification that I asked for?


So does this work for you?


after I tried this it works, and right now I’m entering it for my application …

It looks like you forgot to create the custom dialog first.

If it working then give you #solution.

Download deephost countdown extention for more easy

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