How heavy are card views?

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Are card views more impactful on performance than using regular vertical arrangements. And if so Would it make more sense to make 30 card views or would it be better for performance to just use regular vertical arrangements with a background image? I just need the arrangements to be curved.

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What do u want elaborate clealy

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I think u want to show a image in cardview
then take a cardview set its all padding to 0 and take a image in it

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I have 30 vertical arrangements that all have the same background image. I need the 30 vertical arrangements to have curved corners and i was wondering if it is better to make those 30 vertical arrangements into cards or should i use a background image that has curves.

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U cannot set card view’s bc image but

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No I am sorry, I should have been more clear. Just need curved corners on vertical arrangements. The way i am doing this now is by using a background image that has curved corners. Would it be better to use 30 card views?

These vertical arrangements are not cards they just have a background image. But this is heavy on performance so I was wondering is it better to make these into cards?

what is that means

Loading the image 30 times to the arrangements would take quite a bit of power I assumed, could be wrong.

Essentially what im asking is: Is it better to have 30 vertical arrangements, all with a background image. OR 30 card views with no images

are u loading the images online

No from the device

but these are just simple white images why not use background colour

I need the curved corners

u just need curved corner then use bc colour and set is round card property to true

I will need to set IsCard to true too. Won’t 30 Cards be too many? This was my initial question, I should have worded my query better.

ohh so what u want to say
U have to set these properties only one time

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Use Dynamic Component Extension by @yusufcihan which will help you to generate cardviews/ vertical arrangements whatever you want, dynamically. You can also remove the generated components dynamically.


If you want curved corners of arngs then use arrangement design extension…

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