How hide and show Password In Textbox

After Using Input Method 2 (Password)

how Show & Hide Password for check?
on click a Eye :eye: Button…

Help please :blush:


You need to get password visibility changer extension…
I think perhaps colintree developed such extension and it’s free :thinking:
Try searching for it

Without Extension i want to do​:astonished: is it possible?

Simple, you must get the input type, and set to the other.
Normal is input Type 1, password is input type 2


So, you must do an if statement




See? Easy and clean solution, no extension needed

PS. This are the Input Types



yaah literally true bro​:astonished::astonished: bro i use this method but behalf of using Math Components no. i am using there Text components that’s why i am not get it.

thnks for reply… i am right there but do something little wrong​:rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

show your blocks, maybe i can help. By the way, nice login layout

Dear i got solution already.:v::sunglasses: Thnks

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