How i can get image in another screen with Cloudinary


In my app while signup of users, they can upload a picture profile…well
I need put in side bar menu ( circle header picture ) the same picture with users uploaded in picture profile screen.

I tried store URL in firebase and then call tag “url” but i got error and in firebase url contains //\ in all url tag.


What I use to do for profile pictures is that:
I upload the image chosen to Cloudinary. When complete, I take the URL and remove https:// then upload it to Firebase.
When I need the users profile, I call Firebase for profile value, then join https:// to the URL to have it complete. Then display it where I want to.

Ok, but how can i remove https?

blocks (3) blocks (4) blocks (5)

I stored it like that:
blocks (12)

And get the value like that:

blocks (13)


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