How I could sent an image taken with camera component using a Web Post File?

Hi, I am trying to sent an image from kodular to an API created with Python and Flask.
First of all, I take the picture with the camera component and I put it on an image component.

I had a problem to show the image but I managed it as yo can see in the picture.
I tried to sent this picture to my API server on this way.

Sorry about the lenguage but I am Spanish.
And this is the metod that I have in the API:

Does anyone know how I could do it?
Thanks in advance

What about switching the language to English before taking a screenshot?
Why do you use file scope Shared to send the taken photo and not file scope App as in the Screen ErrorOccurred event?
What is the response content in the Web GofText event?
Does your API work? How did you test it?


I have tried to use ‘Shared’ and ‘App’ in the ‘Scope’ but it isn´t the problem because when I take the picture, it is sent to the internal App folders (App). If I use ‘shared’ I am getting the screenshots that I have in my photos (taken in kodular).
The Web gotText event doesnt give me any information, it says something related with doctype.
My API work correctly, I have made tests with other programs and this method works fine. I think that the problem is that when I do the Web Post file with the path of the picture, my API isn’t allowed to access to the internal folders of KODULAR and it cant find the picture.
I am trying to do this with the cloudinary component, uploading the picture to cloudinary and then, download it from my API. I think it can be an alternative.


yes exactly, so if you want to share the picture, you obviously should again use App to share it from there

which means, an error is returned