How is the Kodular Companion coded

Who told you that?

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i got to know from internet about in december 2018 idont remember from where

Kodular companion isn’t created using kodular creator

oh but any big youtuber said in his video
wait only kodular or every ai2 websites?

I didn’t understand what you are trying to say

nothing leave

Well on the about screen it says that it is

i dont mean that
i mean that kodular companion is made by kodular creator

its says made by kodular creator hahahhahahhahaha i was right

Well I don’t think such kind of app [companion] could be made using kodular creator
Perhaps other @prokoders know the truth :thinking::confused:

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you are also prokoder lol:joy:

I know two facts about companion.
1.It uses post/put methods.
2.It uses rendezvous server

It “is” made with Kodular Creator

We have a project in the beta server called aiplayapp which is the Companion, using a hidden component called PhoneStatus
But it is not only made with Kodular Creator. There we do the design and we also code it, but we cannot compile it

To compile it, we use Kodular Creator but not the normal buildserver. We have to edit the AIA file (which we generate using a button called “Generate YAIL file”) by adding some special properties which are not in the Creator
Then we compile it using command like, but not the online buildserver


but atleast its made in kodular creator :rofl::joy:

OFF Topic:-


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Yes… I know that this kind of app is not possible with current kodular [perhaps on future kodular]

It actually is
I mean, we use Kodular Creator to compile, the same sources that are online
But the online version has those functions disabled


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But it‘s not the official version so it is not possible for us to create a own companion.

I agree you @OfficialDjJohn :joy::joy: