How kids can learn, suggest some tutorials

I want my small childrent to have very basis concept of apps development so want to show them few can be 10-15 tutorials and make them learn how to start

I want to know are there any tutorials which such a small childrent can learn

If not, i do have idea that let say i will show them how to draw a ball and how to move it, that it?

So if there are some links taht will be help full other wise can you suggest me very basis tutoriasl which i can train my children with no apps background yet

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How old are they if i may ask? I would think that a minimal age of 10 is necessary for Kodular or App Inventor else they would be better of starting with Scratch.

Here are some beginner tutorials from App Inventor.


My children are age or 9 and 10

Thanks a lot, let me check those tutorials you mentiones. so nice of you

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