How Kodular has improved

Hey all :wave:
I just wanted to express my gratitude on how much Kodular has improved in the last months. I was invited to check out this new App Inventor derivative in the early days and was a bit disappointed about the service. Long delays and unstable servers were the daily experience. It was still in beta and I didn’t do any productive work with Kodular. But now returning after months was a big surprise for me, but a welcome one. Kodular & AppyBuilder joining forces sounded great. I started working on my first bigger Kodular project recently and I quite liked the improvements over App Inventor. The UI redesign (Material Design 2) is a big plus and I prefer Kodular’s asset menu over everything else.

TL;DR Thank you @Team for your work

-Red Panda


Hi @Red_Panda

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying developing apps with Kodular. Feedback like yours helps us better our product even further and open more avenues for our users. I hope you have a great time here in the Community; do feel free to reach out if you need us.

On behalf of the entire team


Glad to have you back on-board and thanks for your feedback