How many days required to get approval of ads serving on app

Tell me how many days require to get Ads searve approval

Don’t double post. And search the forum.

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2 Hours Max

Ok my post was unlisten hence i uploaded it double

Ok, how we know approval receive email.

check in the ads panel

Ok Thanks for telling

It will take just less than two hours like mine.

As you may have noticed, there are some problems with the eagle release and may take longer than 2h even days


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If you are talking about app approval by staff then it can take hours to days but if you are talking about your eligibility to request for approval then it is 48 hours. An app needs to be 48 hours old to submit for approval

i am still for approval not get approval i apply 30 hour ago

Have you followed what is happening in the community and what is it you don’t understand what I just mentioned

Once they have solved the issue then they will have time for you and your approval, but remember your are not the only one that needs approval



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