How many Extensions is enough for 1 app, and does having much, brings issues?

Hello Koders,

In one of our apps we use a total of 23 Extensions, and I wonder is this many extensions for 1 application. How much total extensions most of you use?

I am asking, because we are reporting many Runtime Errors, Runtime Exceptions.

Maybe first show and explain why you thought you needed 23 extensions.

May be because you have not recasted the extensions which are not compatible with Android 10.

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See you can use as many extensions you want but it’s advisable to use built in blocks or try making some procedures and for the error you can show us your blocks

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As @Anu10 said you can recast your extension from this wonderful tool made by @Shreyash

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Because with extensions anything can be done, it’s fun having so much possibilities.

And I still didnt get a correct answer. I just need personal opinions about that

@Ludogorets_Razgrad can you share the extension you are using and your code

There is no correct answer. You should use as less extensions as possible to make it work. To many only will get you into trouble if a extension developer decides to no longer support his extensions.


@peter is right