How put random images

How can you put random images in the screen, that change every x seconds, and if possible they are loaded from an ulr, so that they can be changed at any time

It’s easy…Just put your image urls in a global list…Then grab a clock component and set the timer interval to any time you want ( in melliseconds )…And add the ( when clock1. Timer ) event…Then add set image1.picture to : pick random item from : your list…


Use view flipper

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with the viewflipper I can put loaded images in assets, but I can’t make it read me an image from an ulr, but if it could be necessary to read a random image from a folder so that I can change them without having to update the app

Did you try my way?

I tried both ways but I can’t get it to read images from a url, I must have some wrong parameter, the loaded ones are easily recognized but I can’t from the outside

May be you can show your blocks?

My Be Help You

blocks (1)

blocks (2)

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The blocks are like that, but I have images of the assets and with url, the latter are not loaded by the assets yes. Maybe it is due to some version modification since looking at some video I see that before it was possible

Nothing To Worry If You Have Images In Assets So You Can Just Wrote The Name Of Image With Extension (Ex. logo.png) And Also You Can Add Images Url In The List
In Both Conditions It’s Work

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Sorry i couldn’t understand any thing :roll_eyes:
Can you change the language to english temporary so we can understand…

Yes It’s Should Be Work

It looks very good @nq_tv… :thinking: What does it shows? Also is those two are in your assetts

Also are the links are a direct links?

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there I could make it work, an error in the syntax of the url, now a question could be asked that instead of loading photo by photo, load a folder and from there go passing the photos? And more complicated if every x photos in folder 11 show x photos in folder 2 and then return to 1? thanks for your help

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Just use file tools extension by vknow360 to get all the files from a folder…And set the filter to .png or .jpg…And set include folders to false…You will get the list… set your images list to the file list…And done…
File tools extension:

Just you’ll need another variable that will be your folder name…Then get the file list and set the folder name parameter to the file name var…Then make steps in my first post…And at the end add an if then statement…If folder name = folder1 set folder name to folder2 else set to folder1…

if anyone could give me an example of the blocks I would appreciate it

You need to try yourself according what i said in my last three posts…If you got an error feel free to ask here in the community…We here in the community prefer to learn how to fish instead of giving fish…