How put the link to go to some of the app's screens and search bar with "list view images and text"?

Hi, community!
I’m new to this tool I need help. I was studying “Text Box” and “List View Image and Text” which I picked up an example here from someone who posted it.
I have an issue how can I place the links going to some of my app’s screens?
I designed the search bar and blocks. It’s working fine, Now I would like to know, after clicking, I go to each of the respective screens of my application as screen2 and Screen3… How do I do this? Please help me!

In this above example, on clicking Micky mouse or Donald duck to go screen 2 or 3}?

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Yeah. In the above example, I’d like when I click on Mickey, I’d go to screen 2 and when I click on Donald, I’d go to screen3. How do I do that?

You can get the title text from click and open the right screen.

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I’ll try, but do I need to use any variables in this text to do it work?

Try like this

Thanks, I haven’t tried this one yet. It seems to work. I did use this one is working.


Thank you all for the support!

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