How Read SMS from a specific phone number in the inbox?

I thank TAIFUN very much for its SMS reading extension that allows you to read all the SMS in the inbox, but I just want to read directly the SMS of a specific number of the inbox. Please help me get there! If an extension is available, I’m ready to buy it :disappointed_relieved:

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I didn’t use this extension but as you mentioned you can read all messages do you can filter which number to show

With the TAIFUN TEXTING extension, you must first read all the SMS from the phone’s inbox before doing anything, whereas I would like to read only the SMS of a specific number without having to load all the SMS :disappointed_relieved:

there is no such extension available
just use the texting extension to read all sms and filter for the specific number you are interested in


If you even created the extension you answer me like this, then I find that I have no choice, I am obliged to do so. Thank you all for your participation​:hugs: