How to Add a Clickable Items to next screen using dynamic card view


Can anyone tell me how to make clickable items in card view in this aia. I have to add clickable elements to the next screen So how can I do it? In this aia file, dynamic components view is taken.

Here is the screenshot & aia file given:

Dynamic_List.aia (217.5 KB)

Please anyone solve my queries…

Since I do not know exactly what you want to pass on next screen here is an example



Dora I just want to visit to next screen I don’t have to pass anything just when I click on dynamic card view then it will go through next screen. that only I want

So how can I do that with dynamic card view

Are you going to open specific Screen depending the cardview or not ?

See I will tell you in details:

As I want to do like this

When I click on Noodles then it will go to another screen,

When I click on Atta then it will go to the atta screen.

Like that, I want to make it with a different screen when I will click on a particular card view.

Please help me…

I hope you are now understand.

Create a global variable with all screen’s names and then when any card view click …

Dora I face these Error.

How to solve this error as I have include package name, version, screen name properly but it doesn’t working

You need to create a new screen, at the top of your screen you’ll seed add new screen, click it and name it whatever you want.

I have done all these things earlier but I also face these problem

Dynamic_List_2.aia (220.8 KB)

Upload wrong image

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Thanks Dora Now it working

Dora I have little doubt that was Instead of screen can I pass horizontal arrangement and when i click card view it wil show horizontal arrangement.

Can I do that & what that to do for that??

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You can work with “virtual screens”, hide and make visible arrangements depending cardview click or you can delete all dynamic components and recreate a new design in same layout

Yaa we can create with virtual screens but my doubt was like that

Instead of Screen can we use a horizontal arrangement like see

when I click on Atta then it will see Atta Horizontal Arrangement
when I click on biscuit then it will open biscuit horizontal arrangement like that I have to see.

But I dont know how to do that with dynamic card view so can you help me to solve this??

Please Dora Tell me how to do that Because when I use the screen it takes time to load and also lagging so much so that why I have thought to use virtual screen but when I take a virtual screen of the horizontal or vertical arrangement I don’t know how to use it on dynamic card view.

If Anyone please help me…

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