How to add a label to Title bar

I want to add a label to title bar. Like we add a Icon there with “Add tital bar icon”

Thanks in advance

If you want only the text try to let the icon empty

If the icon is empty then how should i use this as label

You can maybe make an icon with the text inside ?

I dont want to make icon. I want to create a text box or lable in Title Bar.

Why dont you try what I say?
Then you will see what happens.

Let the icon empty and just set a text you want

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Ok Sir


You can’t add component to the title bar to my knowledge !
Try to create your own titlebar with a arrangement and a shadow image like this :


Ok Its a Better way.
But can i freez that Title bar so when Scorlable function is true then swiping from downward to uppar the tital bar is show

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You just have to create a layout arrangement as first screen.
Then you put your title bar with a heigh set to automatic, in this layout.
Under this title bar you put a scrollable layout arrangement set to fill parent, and done !
The title won’t move, only what’s inside the scrollable layout arrangement


WOW super It will Work Perfectly
thanks alot


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