How to add asyncimageloader with my block?

Send preview of your database…

in this block i have done something wrong that i have fixed right now please make above block in soreadsheet 2 got column

i have created this with another dynamic component that i referred above

does it load faster than dynamic image component?
if it does can i get the block or the aia?cause my was is taking too much time to load the image which leads to error sometime and with asyncimageloader its not working…

wallpaper_async (2).aia (29.3 KB)
and you can also modify radius, margin,etc whatever you want using any component block
if this aia is helpful for then please mark it as solution.

i have used image utilities from kodular

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thats created with dynamic component

thank you this is working and good…but one thing can you tell me how we can add a loading image in this, so that will look nice cause while loading only the title is showing which looks a bit bad but while loading if a loading image is shown in the image component which ever image gets loaded the loading image will disappear for that component once the all the images are loaded all the loading images will disappear…i think this give professional look…can you tell me how can i do that???

add sample image in asset(suppose name is abc.jpg)
now where we used image utilities block just above that use any image block to set image to abc.jpg

is this right?

no because id is get number + 100


now its correct…

but one thing why are we doing number+100
and number +200 for label

because in this dynamic component extension we cannot use same id for different component.
that is if we are using id 1 for cardview then we can’t use it for image,label,button, or any component…
means we have to create diffrence.
so according to above example i have designed it for 100 blocks…

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One side it’s coming but the other side it’s not coming…

also add this block to else part. and send that image to me also because i was searching for such image… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Wow thanks it really looks like professional or the extension we had to buy…

would you ike to send me that preview image?