How to add daily check in in my app

I want to add daily check in my app when user click on checkin button then button get disabled for that day again enable next day [12:01 am] . I tried many methods but dosn’t work for me . I checked previously community post but user easily re-enable the button by changing its phone time or by clearing app data .Please help regarding this problem

I don’t use Fusion Table and there is no option for fusion table in kodular

Try using this extension :point_down:

You can prevent them login again in your app after one time login by disabling their account in firebase authentication so that they won’t clear app data.

It’s easy 100% wait i will share a small guide

Ok Please help

1st Step :-

this is my design (Simple One )

Step 2 :-

here are the blocks
1:- when button is clicked i am calling value from firebase and showing a dialog using dialog extension i will provide link at the end .

2 :- now when we get the value as empty then it storing value and showing message

Here is the link for extension :point_right: :point_right:Download extension from website :point_left: :point_left:

And here is the aia file for you and other who want to learn this new method
One Day One Click By aditya.aia (103.3 KB)

Thanks for reading

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Checking it

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Check and if this works then mark solution use my aia and try that :+1: :+1: :+1:

I have to add action on Button1 click like add credits when Button1 click and i checked your AIA button did not disable after 1 click

I have one more question when timer will reset after 24hrs or after 12:00 am

He said that it can be easily hack by changing time and date !!!

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so use online clock.

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Yeah this may help !!!

You can get idea from this aia to use online clock :point_down:


You can use this extension to get online time of any country :point_down:

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you can disable the button and this will reset after 12:00 am

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Hi please help

Please give daily check in extension

If clock =24 or 12 am
Set button 1 visible

Set button 2 visible

When click btn1 __ invisible

When click btn 2 __ invisible