How To Add Dynamically Dates In History

Hello Friends I’m Creating History Like Chrome But Only I Have One Problem I Don’t Know How To Set Dates Dynamically…


Anyone Know This Plz Help Me

Have you tried anything so for?

Do you have dates in database?

Nothing Tried :face_with_head_bandage:

It’s Difficult For Me :fearful:

did you create anyting dynamically so for ?

Yes I’m Created Like This History I Can’t Do This Date

yes of course … the same you can use tocreate dates

But How Can I Create And Show Only Particular Lists

show some pictures regarding your query

Plz Wait A Moment

See Here I’ll Try To Add Daily Dates At Top Of List

so you must have data in tinydb… Did you store? the logic is, whenever page loaded save the web url with tinydb tag as current date

Im Applied All Logics But Only Problem I Have How To Show Dates At Top Of Lists And In Multiple Lists Day By Day Plz Help

just we have to create a logic, thats all… can you show us how you are saving the url into tinydb?

Im At This Very New S i r I Don’t Know How To Do This

Plz Help Just Comed To Very Close…

Aia :
GetListsInTinyDb.aia (387.7 KB)

Only Last Thing I Have Done Everything But Only Last Required Not Showing Perfectly In Mentioned Dates Lists…
Plz Plz Plz Help Me…

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Please stop spamming the forum.

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I Don’t Spam Im Only Asking For Help…