How to add external library in extensions

I’m building an extension with needs external library. The problem is that there is no .jar file provided, only build.gradle dependency is provided. Is there any way to use that library in my project ?

I think No. Whats the library you are trying to use? Try googling for the jar file


paytm jar file is available

@Abhijith_Dominic Can you please send me the link ?

I’ll see need to do some searching

Is is Still not done​:rofl:

The extension? I made it and then stopped working on it

Ok Bro , Can you help me in my latest topic :cry:

What is not done ? Extension or the search?If you are looking extension @Abhijith_Dominic has already made one on paytm . If you are looking for the jar file then

no actually i dont see any reply after that so thats why

my question is how to use jar :cold_face:

@krish.jha take a look at the Twitter component in the App Inventor sources.
It makes use of the Twitter library, which you can find in the libs folder.

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but in appybuilder code editor or kodular ide

You can not add libraries in Kodular IDE or im Appybuilder code editor


Ok But its Really hard to download and use with Appybuilder source file
I already have but
Its hard it will take full day to set​:sweat_smile:

I suggest you use App Inventor’s sources instead of AB’s. AppyBuilder might have made changes to their sources that prevent your extensions from loading in other builders. Or you might use a feature specific to AB sources, which again will mean other builders won’t be able to support your extension.
However, since all builders regularly keep up to date with App Inventor’s changes, extensions made with it are most widely supported.

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Ok thanks, now i will make with ai sources only
But i am still not sure that i will continue extension development or not as i am a student
But thank will sure create a extension with iy

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