How to add Facebook and twitter sign in in Firebase

How to add Facebook and twitter sign in in my app using firebase
Thanks in advance

Did you try firebase authedication? Did you enable the method of authedication from Google console ?

There is no specific block for it can you tell how to integrate firebase authentication Facebook and Twitter with kodular do I can have a block to call Facebook sign in

there was an extension for facebook sign in.but that was an lengthy process

Can you send link for the extension

I believe this is facebook login extension by @mirxtrem_apps

I think there is no way to integrate firebase and facebook. May be it is possible to sign in with facebook or twitter using native components or extensions, I don’t know. But firebase you can use google to authenticate.

What you can do if you want to save the autentication with firebase is, after the user is authenticated with facebook, you send to firebase something like userid: xxxxx authenticated: yes date: xx/xx/xxxx valid up to: xx/xx/xxxx