How to add firedb values to dynamic label

I want to make it so It creates a dynamic label for each tag and then set the values from the tags to the labels.
How can I do this?

Get values in a list and then for each number to lenght of list create dynamic labels and set text to select item list

I have all the tags in a list so How do I get all the values through the tags in the list
will this work?
image it is a list

Use call firebase get all tags . When got all tags for each item in list call get values. When firebase got value add value to list then use that list to create dynamic labels

like this?

My list is of all the tags in firedb and so It will get the value of the first tag and then it will add that value to the other list and then repeat for all tags

why dosent this work?

Now this happened
It is only showing the 10 7 tag value

Try like this

It still dosent show the other one

Post a test aia that shows the problem

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here is the aia
problem.aia (3.5 KB)

Did you added data in using firebase console or from the app ?

through firebase console