How To Add Font Change System In App Like Professional Apps? Full Tutorial With AIA

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In This Tutorial I show You how to Make Change Font System In Your App With Makeroid & Other AppBuilders .
Also I give AIA.

Hindi Tutorial Video Link(Adding Soon)

Follow Step

Step 1 ) Design Your App & Design Font Change System. You can Use Buttons, Radio Button, List View, Spinner Etc. For Make Font Change System. ( I use Two Button)

Step 2 ) Upload Font ttf(.ttf) files. Download .tff From Here

Step 3 ) Set Block As Given In Image.

Step 4 ) What? Its Already Done Now Let’s Test It :yum::yum:

Download AIA From Here.
In_App_Font_Change.aia (451.3 KB)

I hope you can do many thing with this.
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I think it wouldbe actually more fast and simple to have a variable “font”, just change that and then set everything to that variable so that you don’t have to repeat the blocks for every font


ok i update this

I actually used this in one on my app and since there were lot of fonts a just made a procedure called change font where there were all the components that needed to change to a variable “font” so that i could just call many time and just add the font name


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Use Horizontal Scroll Arrangement with label of particular Font.
Set Lavel Clickable.
Use Tiny DB to Store Changes.

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