How to add Google Analytics in Kodular app

i want to add google analitics to makeroid i use enhance my app and the app show runtime error then how to add it

How are you trying to do and what is the error message exactly?
Are you using Analytics for websites or for apps?

im using analytic for app. and its show run time error

So use Firebase Analytics Its a very easy to use

but how to add it in makeroid that the point

It’s a kodular Now And It’s a very easy use enhance for the firebase analytics

i use it but it showing runtime error

Hi @talktechnical92 ,

If you wanna to Add firebase Analytics then it maybe added in future as a component BUT for the time being this video may help you to add Firebase Analytics in your App!!

I have done exactly what ever is shown in this video but I am getting error msg and my app crashes and stop working