How to add helper blocks

Thanks for your advice. Did you got your solutions? I am still learning help me to add this class.

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To learn how to add helper blocks read this topic :white_check_mark:

I have read the documentation but I can’t figure out the solution importing OptionList class and using @Option.

It’s better if you guide me. How you found the solutions?

Current version of Rush 1.2.5 doesn’t support helper blocks. You might use this extension template repository to compile your extensions with new helper blocks.


Hey, I have notice you customize the file for extension developer. As a beginner I seeking you for the file which have you commented on the MIT App Inventor community. It’s helpful if you provide the customized file here.

Need to update it again. I think we’re getting off topic. Let’s continue with new topic.

Thanks. I still waiting for your customized file

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How you mark your post as solution? Did I mark it myself?

The topic was about how to add helper blocks.

If you need more information please let us know.

I am not satisfied and agree your with your solution. I have choice rights. So please be aware to mark your post as solution without user choice.

Please let me know how I can help you more about adding helper blocks?

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Everything is explained here about how to add helper blocks. Please read this documentation. Hope it’ll help you.

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@JEWEL already linked a post by Taifun showing complete example adding a helper block. What else we can help you with?


I see there is no wiki on this project. Can you please tell me what is the command for compiling extension and where to locate the extension file?

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It’s a very complete documentation.

I’ve also learned how to add helper blocks from here. Please read this documentation very carefully.
If still you’re facing issue so let us know where you’re facing issue. We’ll try to help you surely.

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