How to add image to dynamic imageview

i set web1 link is range A1:A10 on Googlesheeet, how i can ad 10 images to a list and then add to Dynamicimageview, thank you.

What is the result of the above blocks?
Doesn’t it show the image?

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if i call web1 get, then call dynamicimageview get list image by global list, it dont show image …

Your Code says, you. are creating only one dynamic image and not based on total global list

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i know, so if my list have 10 images, and i have to use 10 dynamicmageview ?

Your codes are incomplete. I just replied based on the code visible. It says you r creating dynamic image view for the last image item

You have used set global list…
But actually where you have to use

Add items to the list get global list

Thank you, i’ll review my code again…