How to add item to a list for end users being able to access them

I want to add item to list by creating empty list. I discovered a problem with airtable and cardview so I want a shortcut using chatview image message component to get image from image list item. Actually I made a paper and pen block on adding text to an item in a list this text item will also be added in the chatview message component which I have done to some extent. The question is can end user get access to the item added in a list?. If you want me to show the paper and pen block I will. Please can anyone show me the way?.

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Use list view text image. Its quite easy to use with online database… @Powertech_Development

Actually I wanted to use Collins tree list view since you said it’s easier that way then I will use it. Am not using online database I want to add image item to list and the question is can end user have access to the image item in the list?

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What application you are making so that i will ans you. Because i am unable to get what actually you want… I think you are not able to explain me about your app. So if you are textview image component then there is a block which you can use to set image as image source or through that you can set label as title or you can set lable as subtitle…

If you want helo for any of the above condition then just pm or comment. I will help or if any you condition you can ask for them @Powertech_Development

An an admin and general app in the admin there is a text box and an image picker. The text entered will appear in the subtitle of the list view image and text and also the image entered will be in the chatview of image message component. I want to add 10 item in a list. The first text and image entered I want it to be the value of position 1 and the likes when a user click on position 1 in the list view image and text it will open another screen showing chatview text and image component on the chatview the same as clicking position 2.

if admin add items to list then how user will get them? you must need any online data base for storing data and then user can access

Ok.let me share a pen and paper block of what I made

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Could you please edit your title. That is not how a title of a topic should look. I has to reflect your question.

OMG, why dont you make an app and assemple blocks that can be easy to ready, paper is not clear and also you cant test them before making

Am not with my pc that’s why. Please can you show me some block or share a tutorial video

What’s your contact information?

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just open my profile & their is my contact info. else you can pm me @Powertech_Development

Ok. I will do that

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Ok. Whenever you need just pm.

you are making chatting application. Wait i will provide you tutorial…

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ok, @Alapjeet will help you better, best of luck , if any help needed just ask,


Every one suggestion is important.

@Powertech_Development here is your tutorial

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Thank you very much