How to add liner progress bar blocks

Hello I need help how can i add liner progress bar blogs with webviewer?

You can use the native Linear Progressbar (?)

You have 2 options for this.

  1. Use the Linear Progressbar component. (Recommended)
  2. Use a label.

If you use the first option, (and I recommend using that) you can directly enter your loaded value to the progressbar, taking it from the WebView. So this way it will be way more easier than the second option.

But, the second option existed before the Linear Progressbar and is useful on builders who don’t have the Linear Progressbar component, and none of the AI distros have this component excluding Makeroid. To use label as a Progressbar:

  1. You need to place a label, set it’s color to the color you want it to look while loading and its height to something between 2 or 3.
  2. Then, you need to get the loaded percentage from the WebView and change the label’s width to the loaded percentage.

This way it will act like a progressbar.

can please share a screen shot of block to add linear progress bar for a webviewer

guys can anyone answer of this topic with block example

as you can see this image i am try to this but this is not work

i really needed the linear progress bar conding for the webview

Pls Create New Topic on this 2 years Old Topic Cant Be replied