How to add new component at dynamic list?

I hello i want to add a new lyric every time the new lyric button is clicked but i get an error. how to fix it ?and when new lyrics are added, the text in the first textbox id remains as it was. thank you

share your button block

or if you want can share aia file i will edit it for you

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Presenter_lagu.aia (273.6 KB)
This .aia . Thank you for the help

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Ans my question… Once you created and after screen reopen do you want to reget all the text boxes or have to start with only one box?

Ok, here it is… If you click add new. text boxes will create new but once you restart it will restart from 1. If you want from the beginning, then you need to use tinyDB. This and all simple one. If you have idea, certainly you can get it :wink:

Presenter_lagu(1).aia (274.0 KB)


More fast :rage::rage:

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very simple concept @Aditya_Nanda thats whyyyyy :wink:


The problem is that I didn’t opened the aia :rofl::rofl:and spelling of my name :rage::rage::rage::rage:

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No when reopen screen i just want 1 textbox only.
thank you this is exactly what i needed.
But then how about when you click add new, then the text on id 1 remains as before? can it be done without having to save it first on tinydb? because I want to save it after the number of lyrics added is in accordance with what the user wants

this is my logic.

  1. Initally there must be one box. so i set the from num as 1 (default) to number as 1(through global variable)

  2. if i press a button , i cleared all the created dynamic component and will add +1 with global variable. so now from number will be as 1 and to number will be global variable number +1.

  3. likewise procedure will go on…

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Is my suggestion solves your query?

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this is what i want. when I click add new I want the text in the textbox 1 to remain or not be deleted.

but i got the idea ,maybe to temporarily store it in global variable. thank you so much for helping me

oh, i didnt think such a concept. it is not a difficult one… If possible you try if not just let me know. it can be solved in matter of minute. Removed solution mark??

Oh thank you i have removed solution mark. Please if you can solved this with ur solution. Thank you

Try this

Presenter_lagu_1.aia (273.6 KB)


@Berkat-has , sorry for the delay… as i had a online class…
BTW, this is not a big issue. Still if you didnt get any idea, then use this…

Presenter_lagu2.aia (273.7 KB)

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hello thanks for helping me, :grinning:this is what I want. sorry long time to reply. both solutions work. how do I mark both as solutions?

how do I mark both as solutions?

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It is up to you

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