How to add number to date

How to add number to date and show the next date.

Number of days: 5
Date: 19/02/2022

New Date = Number of days + Date => 24/02/2022

And I want to store this New Date in TinyDB

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Is this topic ralate to How to store full date in tinydb using datepicker ? Because solution was provided

No. I want to know how to sum up date + num and store it

In quantity, i want value which is there in TinyDB, the value which tag has must be added to date.

So actually you store in tinyDB 19/02/2022 ?

Then in the quantity place just use get tag block and try, if you use save only in number .

See your query, you want to add n number of days and want to save it in tinydb but now you are moving away from the topic. Always be clear with your query.

It all depends how you store date in tinyDB. For example if I store date as 19/02/2022


Then in order to add days I have to covert it to 02/19/2022 in order calculations to work


After that you can create another procedure to add days using above procedure