How to add referral system and give points with firebase?

I want to turn on the referral system in my app, but it’s not working properly after I set it up with Firebase. But I have to do it with Firebase. Someone please help me.

Can you demonstrate a little, what you have implemented and what is not working so that more users can find the issues and guide accordingly.


Drop two firebase components, use one for signup and other is for get refers tag value. After add value on this.

If you need more information, then comment here…

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when i set block ‘Get Tag Lists’ then app dont’t show any action

Make tag with user’s username,
then use this username as refer code.
When new user will sign up using this code,
Firebase1, signup and give him some points.
Firebase2, get refer user balance by using is refer code to get refer man balance, then add balance to his balance tag.

Simple logic. I’ll show blocks if needed.