How to add text on photo

Hello I want to make app in which I can add the text on an image . Actually the app is a tournament points table. In which I want players name and points on an image LIKE THIS :point_down:

As shown in image The text if pronted on an Image.

I know how to make an leaderboard, but dont know how to use canvas. I tried to search many times in community and youtube but I didn’t found anything usefull.

Kindly help me on this or suggest any best topics related to this guide .

May be you can set the bottom image with text in any one arrangement as a background… i have not tested just tellin…

Hii. Thanks for replying. Actually in that case image have no text. After calculating all the team value app needs to set the text at proper position.

In such case, set/arrange blocks everything then put the whole setup under one va and finally convert this va into image

Okk… thanks I will try and let you know.