How to Add This Animation On Kodular

Any One Know this

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Search in the community :face_with_monocle:

Ok but how to use Countdown System

Use a clock and a label.

I don’t understand why does everyone needs aia. You have been given enough info to achieve what you need. Atleast once try your self and then ask if you have any issue.

Here in community we can help you to solve the issue, but if everyone directly asks for aia without trying then it makes no sense. If so then make a topic in #marketplace many users will happily give you aia in exchange of some money.

Don’t take me wrong, I am not demotivating anyone, but you should learn what you want instead of expecting to get a ready made solution.

And for your solution :

Use the reveal extension by @nikzdevz in that arrangement set a label at center with a big font (30-35) and use a clock and set interval of 5 sec and at each second reduce 1 from label. Else you can use a countdown extension/guide, that’s also available in community if you search.


1- do not want to do it alone
2- do not know how to do and do not want to do
3- want the solutions immediately
4- there are users who love to give a AIA ready.