How to add this option in kodular

Can you help me
I have a need to add this option
Like i do uplode new content in firebase than show this option ( New) can this posible in kodular

Is it a screenshot?

Or all you want is to add a “NEW” icon?


its a screen shot of @Deep_Host app, which is actually his extension store and made in Android Studio with Listview which add this icon on new added items,

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Thanks. Then I dont understand the question.
Its not related to us.


So you just want to show this image somewhere when you add something new. For instance on a cardview? Then you can have an image component and according if it is new or not set the image. Not new then a blank image and new then the new image.


in a simple way, if i wanted to do that, i use 2 images, one for all items, and one for new items,
and add them to assets,
for example i have data in airtable,

title subtitle image
t1 st1 old.jpg
t2 st2 old.jpg
t3 st3 new.jpg

after got all data i just reverse that lists, and use in text and image listview.

after adding new items i set there images to new.jpg and older one to old.jpg

Extra: if you are using custom listview then maybe you can make similar to that screenshot also

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i was also typing something similar :grin:

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Can you provide block
I have a need this type

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i will , but later , now i am busy

Ok i waiting

Why maybe you not understand english

Or your initial question wasn’t clear enough? :smiley:


for this kind of view, in easy you need any extension ( like custom list view by Deep_Host)

and set everything in that,

if you are using default components then you can create something similar , like i am using simple images and text list view,

i have taken 2 images,

new old

added them to assets,

My Airtable


My Blocks,

blocks - 2019-12-13T185605.592
blocks - 2019-12-13T185607.476
blocks - 2019-12-13T185609.378
blocks - 2019-12-13T185610.937
blocks - 2019-12-13T185613.825

and got result is
(Note: i am use list view with images and text, i dont have any custom listview so you can use if you have, this is just for an example)


Why don’t you start to create guideline, i think it will benefit mostly of us.

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but the problem is no one searching before posting new topics…