How to Add Ui Like Figma?

I Knew it but, How can I create It Manually??

Use image for effect

for transparent effect?

yeah yes …

BTW i am think that :–
get my app’s aab and open it on android studio and change XML File?
But i dont have Much Knowledge of Android studio

no not possible.

Ohh So how can i change Side View from default to figma’s?

Please help me!! i am new to kodular

Why won’t you create a custom side menu according to your needs?

How can i create custom side View?

Read :point_down:

Thanks I will try it
Now days i have Mid sem exams
Then i will reply

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Thanks Broo,
I Will Try it After exam


Can I add a share button On the Right Corner Like This UI

Please do not tag users, I delete them from your post, and yes you can add what ever you want if you create a custom bar


Ok But if I create Custome Bar So i will not get side view’s some features like slide to open Right?

If you mean the opening animation, you can use the Animation Utilities Component

How can I create a custom side view to blur transparent??