How to create side menu in Kodular

First open any project
Take vertical arrangement on screen

And design your Menu on vertical arrangement with any components . Design means take button and lebel and what you want and arrange with layout and design with shadow means card view . Show your creativity on vertical arrangement and design your professional menu layout …see here …

You can see here the result …this one is only an example you can do any thing on layout and improve your design-

If your designing part is Done then visit Block section and then choose " call side " menu block from screen …and in call side menu block use your vertical arrangement block like this

Here your side menu is done but now you have to work with all your components that you took in vertical arrangement .

Finally now you can make a high quality professional menu without any extension . You have only 3 block to create a professional menu it means now creating menu is easiest thing


Here is another one from 7 star media


scrolling menu? and same side menu is not showing in another screen… how to fix this?

Make the same menu there also or don’t use screens but arrangements.

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i give you the aia file of my app. i want to show side menu in different screens because i can’t make that much arrangement in a single screen. there are so many component i would have to invisible and visible and that will couse me trouble. i have 6 options and for that i’m making 6 different screens and each screen should have a choose two options, then a webviewer is set to visible. and that’s why i need to have a side menu on each screen to navigate

Like i said, then you have to have a sidemenu on every screen.

but it’s not showing on every screen and i putted an image on a button, but that is still blank and when i upload that image again it says the makeroid server is not responding. check my apk file…i have only two screens the button named "paper sets " will navigate you to another screen where the side menu is not showing rcert college app.apk (6.6 MB)

Please show some screenshots and blocks. I don’t installs apks.

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the image is not showing here on this button even after i uploaded those images multiple times

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Maybe it is the space in the image name?

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yes that was because of space in file name. thank you so much finally you helped me alot bro. i was confused till last 5 hours that why is this happening


what is the header image size?

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my app is getting close just after opening, do I need to add any important block?
currently I just added side menu from layout , and block
like this.

I have problem with this :frowning:
anyone made a custom sidemenu that is scrollable???

I have used vertical scroll arrangement (didn’t worked)
I have used vertical scroll arrangement inside vertical arrangement that scrolled but sidemenu didn’t open on button click.

Please help me complete this block. I want to open my homepage, either by putting its URL or by calling webviewer. How to do that?


i use the Custom Tabs component, you can try it…


i try make sidemenu with this tutorial the problem is the lenght is too small help me

The width is assigned in the arrangement that you put as a base.

Why do you put it in the initialize block?

I mention this, since it says in the documentation that kodular offers us that the companion is crash by putting it in the initialize block.

Does this only happen in the companion but not in the apk?

no because the width the arragment is more large