[FREE] Popup Menu - Simple popup menu

Now I got his point. This question wasn’t clear to me. Maybe as a workaround he could just use several instances of the extension

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Currently doing the same. But instead of that extension could simply have a id parameter. No need of using multiple instances.

There is a bug here, if you switch the screen automatically while the popup is active, the popup does not close automatically.

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@DevYB could you please add the property of setting custom font typeface to the text in popup?

Add a Block To Change Back Ground colour of pop-up menu To different colours all Are good please add this andif possible please Share me the Source code I will use for new project thank you

Great extension @DevYB! It will be even better if you add the parameter for the selected item index.

Hey , Thanks for the amazing extension.
I had a query , can i open different screens by clicking on different items on the list.

I want to open a diif screen when clicked on home , sign out and feedback. Is that posssible?

Hello can u plz update it like menu

You can create a custom side menu, according to your needs

Please add Icon Options too

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I would like to have rounded corners to match with one ui theming so is it possible?

is it deleted? it says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Try using web.archive.org

Download doesnt work

Copy url, paste it in another tab and you will get aix

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It worked thanks

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Ik i’m late, but how do I make items have multiple functions instead of all just having one function?
to mods:
sorry if i said this twice, i posted this on the wrong topic

add icon option

You could try this instead:

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I need a drop down menu for my app.
But I don’t see all the blocks that you have in your pictures.
I don’t see the blocks in the first photo. What do I have to do to get these blocks on my kodular creator?