Sidebar navigation having a line separator between two different groups

Hi, I am creating sidebar navigation with two different groups,they are spaced apart with some space,can I fill that space with line to differentiate them like below image.Can anyone suggest how to do them if possible.

create your own custom sidebar
for this first create your own design of sidebar and then use sidebar block under screen blocks

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Can you kindly suggest me link or something, I am new to application development. I have added sidebar with group id 0 and 1.I just need a line in between the group 0 and group 1.Can you kindly help me please.

Here are some of the available guide on making custom side menu

There maybe more but then you have to do some more search
Also take this as your reference only, you need to do changes according to your needs

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Thank you so much for your links.

Hello @ Vikash_Muthukumaran

Had you been able to add the border between the two groups? If yes, could you please tell me how?