"Kodular Companion" Application

Yes, I downloaded the 1.5.4 Fenix version from the link in the message you sent.

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Do you still have issues with companion ?

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Yes, I still have the problem I mentioned.

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How do I solve this problem?

Even though I’m using Fenix version 1.5.4, I’m still having problems with the “Kodular Companion” app. I’ve added a picture of which version I’m using below. You can look over there.

do you use this in your application?

Yes I’m using.

the application in the emulator is closed precisely because of this. there are alternative extensions to this menu.

But I need to use “Side Menu Layout” in my application. Isn’t there a solution to this?

Or maybe


Okay, I’ll do it and get back to you.

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I did what you said, but this time the “Side Menu” does not appear. What should I do?

Exactly but if you build apk it will show.

Is there another way to see the “Side Menu” while testing?

If you create a custom sidebar

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I also get an error with the new companion app even with a completely new project, using Kodular Starter 2

Kodular Starter has always thrown an error after a few seconds and then it runs for me, but now it immediately throws an error and the app closes since the update

That was also my workaround, works perfect :ok_hand:

@AhmetKirkzade You should go for that solution, you can even make the menu look much better :grin: and you can make it show in companion when live editing :ok_hand:


Ok. Problem solved. Thank you very much for your help. See you.

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Thank you very much for the information. See you.

Ok. Thank you.

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