Custom Sidemenu Design in Kodular. (FREE AIA)

Version 1 1.0 (Old)

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What is the name of your app?

Custom Sidemenu By Kshitij Vats

Describe your app:

I have created a custom Sidemenu design in Kodular as per the last poll where I got 11 responses. The modern UI and its animations bring the app to life. It is fully customizable- you can add more options as per your needs. this is a totally free aia. Special thanks to Kodular for their platform and Phase for their wonderful extension of animations.
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Version 1 2.0 (Latest)

What is the name of your app?

Custom Sidemenu By Kshitij Vats

Describe your app:

I have updated my older design after looking at your suggestions and here I am with my new quick and easy design. It is modern and attractive. It can give a whole new look to your apps by just doing a few customizations. The aia is free so anyone can download and edit it but mention my name in it. Please tell me if there are any changes needed…


Result Video (GIF)

Quality is a little bit low as this is a gif.

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Download AIA (113.9 KB)

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Nice animated side menu. Liked the idea. :+1:

A small margin problem was found in my phone (Nokia 3.1 Plus) with the menu items (I’ve shared the screenshot). And humble suggestion about the colour you used. Its very difficult for readability and hurts the eye. Otherwise, good work. And Thank you for the design :+1:

Also please include aia and apk file in your post , so that community members can easily access it​:v:


Thanks for your suggestion I will check the colours. You can modify them as per your needs the aia as well as the apk is in the link given. The margin issue I will check it out and update the aia soon. Thanks a lot for your response.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Nice. You can improve the UI.

You should use appropriate colours as this is irritating the eyes.

Refer this topic to use right color combinations:


Okay but I had uploaded this for the users to customize as per their needs. I had kept a poll so many people had asked for it. This happened because I had mistakenly switched on my night mode in my testing device. By the way thanks for your suggestion. Your support motivates me a lot. I guess next time I’ll upload Search Bar aia.

Updated Version 1 2.0

What’ new :-

  • Updated colour theme
  • New top slidebar animated
  • Beautiful animations using @Shreyash Phase extension and built in animation components.

How is it now? :slightly_smiling_face:
@The_K_Studio @mjssakuruppampady


Still I say improve UI

Did you even try it?

add some space
Screenshot 2020-11-22 115639

Edit it as per your needs…
It is an open-source project. :confused:


Uploaded result GIF see if this is fine now…

hi all, im new here. i have ry downloading’s @Kshitij_Vats aia side menu but wondering how to click each button example Home or Share to another screen…? anyone can help? im new in this block editor… thank you :slight_smile:

All this will make slow to work in kodular…it will make large app size. Better to work in app function. let the side bar simple and lite.