Colour codes for best UI designs

Hi Koders,

Today I am going to share some awesome colour codes [Hex] that you can use in your projects to design professional UI.

These are images, so you have to just enter the Hex colour code in your designer colour picker.

This is my personal collection. I found these on internet.

Gradient colour codes

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If you have any colour codes or UI material then you can share it in this topic.


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That was really helpfull & important things for koders.thank you for sharing

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Nice :heart_eyes:, this will be very helpful to me. Is there any website from which you got this.


Awesome one…
Really Helpful

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Yes. Visit here

  1. Digital Synopsis

  2. Eg Gradients

  3. Web Gradients

  4. Gradient Hunt

  5. CSS Gradient

  6. Color Space


I’m convinced that I should make a gradient colored app now :slight_smile:


:ok_hand::ok_hand: very helpful and highly demanding resources… Thanks for sharing :heart:


good guide, it almost took 30 secs to scroll :sweat_smile:


Nice work @The_K_Studio i really liked it.

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Thanks guys. :heart_eyes:

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Great Guide! Worth bookmarking. :clap: :grin: :star_struck: :heart_eyes:


Great guide, really helpful

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Thanks guys :heart_eyes:

I found that many Kodular users are weak in UI design due to lack of knowledge in choosing and applying correct colour combinations for their projects.

If you notice UI designs available on Dribble, they looks awesome and professional only due to the colour combination they use.

So, I thought let’s share some colour combinations and gradient colour codes to the community to help them in improving their UI including me.


So if we need to set background color of let’s say any screen then we can’t provide the hex code there. First we need to get the RGB code for the given Hex code?


You can directly enter HEX colour code in designer colour picker.

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No just put hex code in color picker

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I thought to make a list of various HEX codes and then select a random on screen initialize.

May be color utilities component can help

Not necessary, as he can also put HEX color directly.

I think he is asking for changing the color from block section. And if yes then upto what I know you can use color utilities in case you want to directly use HEX color code.