"Kodular Companion" Application

While I’m Editing My Application On The “Kodular” Page, I’m Testing It With The “Kodular Companion” Mobile Application But, The “Kodular Companion” Mobile Application Has Been Closing By Itself Recently And This Has Been Happening Too Often! How Can I Solve This Problem? Can you help me please?

Check this out:

Do you use latest version 1.5.4 ?

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I don’t think this is the reason. I am using the old version and sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Probably the server is a little instable.
I decided not to update the companion because in the first days it may have some bugs. I will do it now, but as it was working sometimes and sometimes not I think it is rendezvous server or something like his that is a little instable

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My app’s minimum SDK is already “Android 5.0” and I checked all the blocks of all screens in the app and couldn’t see any errors. But the problem of “Codes Companion” app closing by itself remains, which is making my job very difficult! When will this issue be resolved? I don’t know if this problem is caused by me. How can I solve this problem? Please can you help me?

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Please anwser this

Where will I use it?

What do you mean?

Yes, I downloaded the 1.5.4 Fenix version from the link in the message you sent.

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Do you still have issues with companion ?

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Yes, I still have the problem I mentioned.

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How do I solve this problem?

Even though I’m using Fenix version 1.5.4, I’m still having problems with the “Kodular Companion” app. I’ve added a picture of which version I’m using below. You can look over there.

do you use this in your application?

Yes I’m using.

the application in the emulator is closed precisely because of this. there are alternative extensions to this menu.

But I need to use “Side Menu Layout” in my application. Isn’t there a solution to this?

Or maybe


Okay, I’ll do it and get back to you.

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I did what you said, but this time the “Side Menu” does not appear. What should I do?