How to add wait till something have happened?

Hello there.
I am trying to create a save function in my app. When a card view is long clicked, GET request is sent to WEB component. How can I wait till that Web component “got text”? Please point me to something.

use some notifier to pop up ( spinning) when user clicked a button to go for GET request.

And in when in web got text use dismiss the notifier.

Please read the notifier docs for more info

Thanks. It worked. But only option there is When Linear Progress Bar Dismissed. How to add that spinning one like you said?


I am talking about this one.


I mean there is no Spinning progress dismissed I think.

You can use this only for progress… i don’t think you can use this for web get request… suitable to use download or upload operations, even custom web

Dismiss spinning method - users will see the spinning until they get response from web. Once they get result immediately spinning will disappear

Yes. But the saving function is triggered when progress is dismissed. I can put my saving function in this above block and works just fine. I was wondering if there is any same block When Spinning Progress Dismissed?

No such blocks

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