How to adjust the distance between items in listview?

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How can I adjust the distance between items in the listview (join) so that they have the same spacing regardless of the number of characters in the ID?

Below you can see a way to do it. However, there must be a better way for this.


I thought about setting the (z) color to the same as the background. And it really works!!


However, when you click, the letters are seen! So how else can I accomplish this?


You’re talking about Horizon distance, right?

What if you dynamically created 2 CardViews, 1 for the code and one for the country name ?

Perhaps , would lessen this visual impact.

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1 HA ,And inside 2 CardView with dynamic Extension…

OMG I posted the comment using another account.
It must be from someone from college. Sorry, it’s a public computer!

I’m trying to use spaces with “\t”, but it’s not working very well.


Instead of adding characters after numbers why won’t you add leading zeros to number ?

It would be an option and it occurred to me. However, I didn’t want to change the way I get the ID. And if, in the future, I need to use this separating texts, I couldn’t add zeros to the left.

Sorry, you actually gave me a possible solution. But I still wonder if there really isn’t a simpler way to add these spaces.

Is this what you want ?


Share the knowledge. The great master!

Try this

Replacement in procedure uses en space from White space characters


Could not be better!


Edit: Congratulations on the replacement idea!

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