How to allow microphone in webviewer?

I want the webviewer to capture audio from microphone when using Android. Is it possible? how? thanks in advance


This Block can be Used to Ask for Audio Permission but In web view some websites ask permission automatically.


hi, thanks for replying, but webview still was unable to capture audio even when the permission is granted… the app can capture audio, but when I visit a website through webview, I cannot record audio on that website (no popup that asks for permission. which usually happens in other browsers).

FYI: I did enable the asks for permission option


Web viewer has a lot of features missing and yet no one cares…:sleepy::sweat:


cynical on you are right, developers of Kodular are doing a very bad job. You should go somewhere else that’s not for free and with less features. cynical off


I’m so sorry… i didn’t mean like that… i said that because you can search on community there is a lot posts about web viewer features and you will never see a “proper reply”
No one ever said something… I also posted today a post about web viewer’s upload problem and I received a INcompleted answer and after that i can’t even reply to my own post… that’s why I said no one cares… I know you guys work hard that’s why kodular is the most advanced app inventor…


More than 1 year and this question (not only in this topic) still unanswered…
@Abhijith_Dominic has told me about this extension: WebView Permission Handler | Niotron Store
But microphone access (RECORD_AUDIO) still not working.
After 1 year, does someone has the answer for this question?

Hi @diretoria_box34,

Do you have a website that asks for a type of permission? I will see what I can do for it if you or anyone else that wants this can provide me with a website to test it on.

@Shreyash You can slide into my PMs if you’d like to help :) 

@Abhijith_Dominic has made a new version of this extension and solved the issue.


hello i have the same issue,
Can you tell me where I find this extension? please

Give it a try:

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