How to allow people to like an image once only

Hi everyone ,
I have created an image viewing app. In this people can like any image they want to. The images’ data is stored in airtable. When they click the like button, I get the value of a column ‘Like count’ from airtable, add 1 to it and store it again.

I wanted to ask everyone that how can I allow people to like an image once only, to prevent spamming.

P.S. i first thought using tinyDb for storing row no of each image liked, but then I thought of 2 problems-

  1. the person can still like the image by signing in another phone
  2. storage tiny db will take(not aware)

Any help will be appreciated.
thanks a lot

Do you mean like there is an image and out of 20 people even if one likes the images then other can’t like it?

He mean if someone click on like then they didn’t like again this post because it’s cause increasing number of likes by their own by clicking again and again.
Just like fb we only click a post only one time per account


In my app Dp Battle App with Admin app

One person can like photo once only…

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Is it work in online images also ? Or it uses tiny db ?

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1.What have you tried?
2.You will have to use an online database.

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Complete online…