How to arrange card view component correctly? please check the shared block and screen shot

Your response and time to this post is much appreciated.
From my blocks you can see the formula I have used. and as a result in the last row, first column is empty.
Is there any way to add card views like 1 number to vertical arrangement 1, then second number to vertical arrangement 2 and so on.

Also in the second screen shot you can see there is label outside the card, how to achieve that?

My suggestion is, I hope it is hard to get sheet name. So better save the sheet name base id and all in firebase. So upon screen initialise call the firebase, when it get value display each value in cars view . Then for each card view upon click try to get that page value alone by setting up proper blocks

Thank you for your suggestion. I will work on it. However here, I have been able to recall data from sheet, it is only that, as you see in the image with blank cards, in the last row, first column is empty, and the remaining three are filled, How can I make the first three filled?

Also how to set the label outside the box of card.

Your response is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Two times you are using vA5. Make it in one place . And in the last if statement aviod else statement…

Use dynamic label and assign same VA

can you explain aviOS?

Type o mistake. I am Using mobile so

So I used this method from another aia, and I am getting this another type error. I dont know where I went wrong in this

your support is much appreciated.

blocks (3)

blocks (8)

Did, I am still getting the same error. Its logically because of division from 4, thats why I chose second method but getting another type of error in second one.
any idea how to fix it?

Try like this

I tried this,
blocks (9)

did not work.
any suggestion for second method?

it is because of division from 4. if i remove 1 from index then I get proper alignment.

Sorry try only 0, 2,4 & 6 and in the last else use same Vertical arrangment 8 component then try

I tried this method, still did not work.
I have a view pager arrangement, where I have different vertical arrangements, and I am filtering numbers on the basis of category.

I am filtering category which starts from number 30, so its remainder is 2, and so the first component goes to second column, and then 3rd and then 4th and then first, and this continues as loop, so in the last row, first column is empty.

So how to fix it? is there any other method of doing this?

@sanatmalani , Is this what you are expecting?

yup thanks for your response. It is much appreciated.
Yup, you arranged the cards and label right, I was looking for something like this only.

but Just one thing, I have excel sheet with multiple categories, I filter category in different arrangement, so in one arrangement the number is starting from 30, so modulo of 4 wont work apt in that case. Modulo of 4 works well when you use it with a list have a number starting with 1.

so what is a solution for list whose number starts with 30?

I have posted the blocks and the output. Please tell me where did I go wrong?
In the last row, 2nd column is empty.

i tried like this, and getting result without problem


your number is exactly divisible by 4.
my list start from 30 till 72, try 30 as a start value till 72 and tell me if you get the same result.