How to ask for folder permission in android 11

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I am working on a application and I need to ask permission for “use this folder” in it
without this i am enable to Access those folder this problem only occour in androind 11 and upper devices
Please help me :sob: :sob: :sob:

How ask to like this permisson

I have a easy solution. but that was from deephost. you have to use in your own risk. because he doesn’t response. deephost has a extension to ask permission easily in android. you can get the extension in deeephost app

try using higher api level

Click on it … and Allow


CanYou Please show block part of your scrrenshot

Becouse I want To ask this permission but i down`t know how to do that

That’s all:



Then How to set initialDir means Means What to set Here

There is no way to set initialDir.

What is inialDir If i want to Access Download Folder

As I said:

You must select it manually.

And at this point, for everyone out there:
Please DO NOT PM me anymore!!!

Can I get that user granted permision or not

What additional information is required for this screenshot? Nothing!

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