How to ask more than 1 Permissions

How to ask more than 1 Permissions?
please help me with blocks if possible

What do you mean ?

i want this 2 permissions

haw can i get this?

Please explain , what do you want for ?

i have used thesw blocks to get these 2 permissions
but when screen1 initialise it only asks for 1 permission,
so how can i get second permission…

Ask one permission on Screen Initialize and then use the OnPermissionGranted Block to ask for 2nd permission if it is not granted.

You have to check if the permission is granted or not otherwise it may cause some loop issue

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Thanks for Right Solution & Attension. i Have Solved my problem using your solution.

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hello 1 more question if i need 3 or 4 permission how can i do this

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depends from your android version.
Everyone can manualy activate permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION from settings.

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i have tried this and it worked. thanks

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You can do it by using the if Block to check the Permission name then calling the next permission one by one

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